Plan A Double Wedding With Your Sister or Friend

This photograph of a rare double wedding in Malaysia is my absolute favorite photo of a double wedding anywhere in the world! Wedding photographer, Asrul Sani, has done a wonderful job of capturing the ambiance of this most exquisite day!

Planning a double wedding with your sister or best friend can save you half the price of your wedding right from the start. The prize word here is compromise and lots of it, but if you’re willing to give a little, and your friend is ready to give a lot... (LOL)  Oh, I mean, if your sister or friend is willing to do likewise, you will both save thousands of dollars on a double wedding.

Is this double trouble or double the fun? All kidding aside, a double wedding often means weeks of negotiation, concession and conciliation. There will be a lot of give and take on all sides and finding the middle ground is necessary to ensure you are still friends for life. 

If after serious discussion you both feel this is right for you – then it’s time to bring in the men in your lives and both families.

It is of utmost importance to find yourselves in general agreement so far as date, wedding budget, ceremony style, your officiate, music and your wedding guest list is concerned. Comparing each other’s list of your dream wedding will give you an opportunity to see if you are too far apart to logically compromise, at which time you should agree to make other plans.

If however, you are in agreement, it is time to begin planning your double wedding and in the process double your joy and that of your family and friends.

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